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European Tour 2013

Doctor Nerve, the rock band that has been annihilating the boundaries between rock, metal, improvisation, jazz, and experimental music since 1983 is touring in Europe to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

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Leo Ciesa - drums, skins, Egil's bones
Nick Didkovsky - guitars, retro echoplex nostalgia
Yves Duboin - soprano sax, hearing threshold provocation
Rob Henke - trumpet, screaming ears
Ben Herrington - extreme trombone
Jesse Krakow - electric bass, trout masks
Michael Lytle - extended range bass clarinet, chilling predawn calm
Kathleen Supové - Massive keyboards, massive sampling, massive vocal rants

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new Doctor Nerve Shirt!
T-shirt by Daggie Schindler
Illustration by Tom Marsan, from domestic release of first LP "Out to Bomb Fresh Kings" (1983)

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  Doctor Nerve − Live in Europe 2014
Doctor Nerve − Live in Europe 2014